Old Business:
Dog waste bag dispensers:

  • The dispenser broke and has been removed. The trash cans remain. We hope to replace or repair the dispenser.


  • Tire planters are too shallow to sit on concrete; the plants will bake in the summer sun. Because of this, we decided against tire planters, at least for placement on paved surfaces. We will notify The HodgePodgery of this change.
  • We reviewed a catalog of plastic planters that may be a good idea. We selected the egg pot vase, but must determine how the pricing works.
  • We agreed to still consider wooden barrels and look into where we obtained the ones we already have.

Urban landscape/Christmas decoration competition and tour

  • Instead of calling it “urban gardening,” which some thought implied vegetable gardening, the newspeak phrase is “urban landscape.”
  • We agreed to advertise for the urban landscape contest in FOM’s spring newsletter, which will go to each Midtown resident, pending Board approval.
  • Beautification Committee members may be biased or ignorant when it comes to judging the contestants, so we decided we should find a panel of three objective, knowledgeable judges. If anyone knows any master gardeners or horticulturalists, contact
  • We will open up the possibility of a garden tour to the participants in the contest. If there is enough interest, we will do it.

Public trash cans

  • We don’t yet know who Mayor Thompson will appoint as Director of Public Works, so we do not know his or her policy toward public trash cans. This topic was put on hold until Mayor Thompson makes an appointment.

Tree planting

  • We will look into the Department of Conservation of Natural Resource’s Treevitalize program and City requirements we must meet to plant trees along streetscapes.

Codes enforcement

  • We don’t yet know who Mayor Thompson will appoint as Director of Codes, so we do not know whether the Citizen Inspection Program will continue. However, we will contact someone in Codes to request a short presentation.

Fire hydrant painting

  • We agreed that, if we are able to raise money from this endeavor, half of the proceeds would go to Barak.
  • We will seek a meeting Mayor Thompson or another in the administration to discuss the project.
  • We will ask Downtown Improvement District for tips on how to conduct the project.

Spring community cleanup

  • We agreed on Saturday 24 April 2010 from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
  • The area we are covering is bound by Verbeke, Front, Kelker, and Seventh streets, which includes Hardscrabble, Engleton, Capitol Heights, and Market Place Townhomes.
    • We will contact HACC to see if we can meet at HACC before and after the event.
    • We will contact someone in Hardscrabble, Engleton, Capitol Heights, and Market Place Townhomes to notify their neighbors of the event.
    • We will distribute paper newsletters.
  • We will ask Wegmans if it could donate some refreshments.


  • Signs were not yet erected to denote FOM’s adoption of Third Street from Forster to Maclay Street.


The next Beautification Committee meeting is scheduled for Wednesday April 14 at 6:15 at the Midtown Cinema.