About Us

Friends of Midtown is a Pennsylvania 501(c)(3) not-for-profit community benefit organization dedicated to the ongoing economic and cultural development of Midtown Harrisburg. We’re Harrisburg residents and business owners who take pride in Midtown’s unique qualities and want to help it continue to improve!

Our Mission

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The mission of Friends of Midtown is to engage the community through initiatives designed to spur Midtown Harrisburg’s progress as a vibrant, clean, safe, and diverse urban community.

Our Goals

  • Strengthen the intrinsic physical structures of community by promoting a pedestrian-scaled streetscape that is safe and clean.
  • Stimulate Midtown’s economic revitalization by encouraging small business growth that contributes to a more livable community and quality of life for all.
  • Spark public participation through events and activities that celebrate Midtown’s diverse culture and contribute to community well-being.

Our Scope

Friends of Midtown focuses its efforts within the area of Harrisburg commonly known as “Midtown,” stretching from Forster Street to Maclay Street and Front Street to Seventh Street.

Board of Directors

  • Andrea Black, President
  • Kate Moyer, Vice President
  • Eileen Carson, Treasurer
  • Jamie Lemon, Secretary
  • Cate Rowe, Beautification Cochair
  • Rachel Reese, Beautification Cochair
  • David Kern, Business Chair
  • Jack McGettigan, Citizen Safety Cochair
  • Brian Esworthy, Citizen Safety Cochair
  • Mike Ishman, Communications Chair
  • Hana Rosen-Westhafer, Events Cochair
  • Cody Moyer, Events Cochair
  • Brian Ostella, Membership Cochair
  • Jim Larkin, Membership Cochair
  • Shawn Westhafer, Interim Outreach Chair
  • Bonnie Rhoads, Market Place Homeowners Association Representative
  • Nicole Hendrickson, Midtown Square Action Council Representative
  • Melinda Schmitz, New Fox Ridge Homeowners Association Representative

How to Become a Member

Friends of Midtown seeks volunteers among all people who share the vision for Midtown’s revitalization and are ready to take action. Though our focus is geographically bound to the Midtown section of Harrisburg, membership is open to all people — whether or not they live in Midtown — because we realize the improvements here will have a profound impact on the entire city.

It’s easy to become a member. We hope you’ll join today!

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