2017 City Council Candidate Night

Do you know who you’re going to vote for to represent your interests on City Council? Four positions are open and all six active candidates have been invited to this event to share with you their ideas to improve Harrisburg. Five have confirmed attendance: Ben Allatt, Jeremiah Chamberlin, Dave Madsen, Shamaine Daniels, and Ausha Green. Anglea Kirkland has since withdrawn from the race. Here is some brief biographical information about the candidates: 2017 Candidate Bios.

The event starts at 6:00 p.m. on April 26 at Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center (1110 N. 3rd St.), but be there as early as 5:30 p.m. for the best seats. An engaged citizenry is necessary for the advancement of our City, so be sure to invite your neighbors.

We’ve received questions from the public and created a pool of questions that could be asked of the candidates: 2017 Candidate Questions. Each candidate will have one minute to answer a random question from each category: Financial Recovery and Economic Development; Public Safety and Quality of Life; Personal Background and Governance. Then each candidate will have two minutes to answer a question unknown to them, but based on their personal experience or statements. If time permits, all candidates will be asked up to five yes or no questions.

We let the candidates know the potential questions ahead of time because we want to educate voters based on thoughtful responses. Our goal is not to trip up the candidates or embarrass them. But they don’t know which question they’ll receive, so each must be well rounded.

Can’t make it? We’ll be streaming live on Facebook and posting regularly on Twitter. We’ll also permit candidates to provide written responses to all questions, which we will share here.