June Committee Meetings

More people are joining Friends of Midtown. We’re organizing more and bigger events. But fewer people are attending our committee meetings to help propose, plan, and organize these events, meaning this burden is falling on fewer and fewer people. Help ease this burden and keep Friends of Midtown going by participating in a committee. The commitment is usually about an hour a month. Think about all the totally worthless things you do for an hour and how much better your time could be spent helping Friends of Midtown.

Citizen Safety Committee Meeting
Monday, June 2, 6:15 p.m.
Stage on Herr (268 Herr St.)

Friends of Midtown’s Foot Patrol recently celebrated its third anniversary of walking the streets to alert the police of suspicious activities. Learn more about the Foot Patrol and other ways to keep Midtown safe at the monthly Citizen Safety Committee meeting. If you’re interested, contact the Citizen Safety Committee.

Two-Minute Tuesday Cleanup and Beautification Committee Meeting
Tuesday, June 10, 6:15 p.m.
3rd and Verbeke Sts.

Join FOM’s Beautification Committee in a brief (roughly thirty-minute) cleanup, followed by a meeting on how to beautify Midtown. Meet at 3rd and Verbeke streets and we’ll determine an area to clean up, followed by a brief meeting nearby. Contact the Beautification Committee if you are interested in cleaning up Midtown.

Happy Hour and Events Committee Meeting
Wednesday, June 11, 6:00 p.m.
Stage on Herr (268 Herr St.)

Have a drink or two and share your ideas about events that FOM should organize. We’ll also finish planning the Broad Street Market Cook-Off and discuss ideas for a block party to celebrate FOM’s ten-year anniversary. If you’re interested in helping plan fun Midtown events, contact the Events Committee.