1/25: Electronics Recycling Event

Since early 2013, Pennsylvania Law has prohibited disposal of televisions, computers, and other electronic products with regular trash. Because these items will not be collected when placed at the curb with other trash, it encourages scavengers to break them to remove metals from within, potentially leaving a pile of glass and plastic for you to clean up.

The only way to properly dispose of these items is to drop them off for free at the Dauphin County Recycling Center. But the DCRC is not open extensive hours and traveling there can be quite a hassle.

Our Uptown neighbors are making proper disposal a bit more convenient by organizing a one-time Electronics Recycling Day on Saturday, January 25. From 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., you may freely and responsibly dispose of any item, broken or working, that has or had a cord or operated on batteries, except for appliances or items containing Freon, in the parking lot of the Camp Curtin YMCA (2135 N. 6th St.). 

If you have questions, contact Ellen Crist, ellenhelen1227@yahoo.com or 717-816-7134.