Family Service Night Photos and Follow-up

Friends of Midtown was invited to have an informational table at the Family Service Night held at the Math/Science Academy at Ben Franklin School. The purpose of the event was to allow parents and students of MSA to learn of ways to serve. FOM rolled out a long banner of paper, opened a large box of crayons, and asked students to draw a picture of how they serve, whether in the community, at home, at school, or at church. In exchange, FOM gave to each participant a bag of crayons and a Talkin’ Trash activity book, published by Dirty Dog Hauling and cosponsored by Friends of Midtown, among other organizations and businesses. In all, approximately twenty students drew pictures of washing dishes, bringing mother breakfast in bed, and diving in the icy Susquehanna to benefit the Special Olympics. Meanwhile, FOM’s volunteers discussed the organization with parents and faculty. It was a great opportunity to reach out to Midtown families and see that we have a quality school right in our footprint, providing an incentive to raise a family in Midtown.