Business Meet-Up Results

The first Friends of Midtown Business Meet-Up came together on Monday night.
A thanks goes out to City Council Member Brad Koplinski for attending the meeting and delivering an update on the City.  He led the night on a positive note about new growth in the City and provided a positive outlook on Harrisburg’s current financial difficulties.
Following the City-centric update, the meet-up moved to a new project that FOM is working on in conjuncture with Harrisburg University student Steve Cline.  Steve is working on the creation of portable map stations to promote discovery in our walkable community.  The businesses in attendance offered some great advice and ideas for this project.
We ended the night with a roundtable discussion from those in attendance.  Great ideas where brought to light with a focus on the promotion of the community.
  • Encouraging more storefronts and local residents to clean to the curb (2MinuteTuesday)
  • Working with the city to create a water taxi from City Island to the Sunken Garden
  • Encouraging more arts events and vendors to come into the Midtown community

Interested in joining the next Friends of Midtown Business Meet-Up?  We are planning the next meet-up in two months.  Keep an eye on the Friends of Midtown Web site and Facebook page to hear more.