Vote for Your Favorite Fireplug

Have you noticed artists at work along 3rd Street? Friends of Midtown has sponsored a fire plug painting contest, and now it is your turn to pick the winner.

12 artists are competing in the plug painting contest. Winning designs will receive a cash prize. Winners will be announced at a block party on Susquehanna Street between Harris and Hamilton streets the evening of September 24. Voting closes at noon on September 24.

Here are the completed designs. Vote below.

“Capitol” at Forster
"Capitol" at Forster St. 1 "Capitol" at Forster St. 2  
“Robot Tape Deck” at Herr
"Robot Tape Deck" at herr 1 "Robot Tape Deck" at herr 2 "Robot Tape Deck" at herr 3
“Unity” at Cumberland
"Unity" at Herr 1 "Unity" at Cumberland 2  
“Illusion” at Verbeke
"Illusion" at Verbeke St. 1 "Illusion" at Verbeke St. 2 "Illusion" at Verbeke St. 3
“Urban Prints” at Calder
“Wild Thang” at Kelker
“Mexican Plug” at Muench
“Sunset Silhouette” at Reily
“Zentangled” at Harris
“Owl” at Hamilton
“Yellow Plugmarine” at Delaware
“Camelback” at Maclay

Vote for your favorite! You can only vote once. To keep everything on the up-and-up, you have to log in to vote. Log in over to the right — registering takes just a second, and we promise not to spam you or sell your email address. 

Please note that only one vote will be registered per IP Address.  We apologize for any inconvenience this policy may cause. 

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