Vote for Urban Landscaping Winners

The Friends of Midtown 3rd annual Urban Landscaping Contest recognizes those with green thumbs who are able to do most with the least — be it in pots, patches, or private parks. Check out these photos of your neighbors’ gardens and vote for the one you like best. Online votes will be combined with votes from a panel of judges to decide who has the most exceptional example of urban greenery. Click on the thumbnails to see larger images, then vote below!

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Voting is now closed.

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13 thoughts on “Vote for Urban Landscaping Winners

  1. Johnna Pro

    I lived on Grand Street for two years, and one of the reasons I chose that location was because of the beautiful yard/park created for the neighborhood. The spirit of a former resident lives on in the joy that the space brings to children, adults and older people who often gather there.

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