City Requesting Comments on Draft Zoning Code by March 1

The Harrisburg Department of Building & Housing Development Planning Bureau is requesting that any comments on the draft zoning code be submitted by Monday March 1.

Comments may be emailed to or sent by mail to

Candace H Stowell, AICP
Deputy Director for Planning
Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. City Government Center
Department of Building and Housing Development
10 N Second St, Suite 206
Harrisburg, PA 17101

The Draft Zoning Code can be found on the Planning Bureau webpage at

A matrix of Permitted Uses by Zoning District can be found in Section 7-305.7 on pages 22-29 and Development Standards by Zoning District in Section 7-305.8 on pages 31-34 of the draft

The draft zoning code map for midtown is found below.


The revised Draft Zoning Code will be submitted to the Harrisburg Planning Commission in March and the Planning Bureau expects to begin the formal review process during the April 7th and May 5th meetings of the Planning Commission.